Our social enterprise, LifeScape gifted their time to benefit Bolton children

On Friday 15 November the whole team from our social enterprise, LifeScape, gifted their time to support an exciting new initiative aimed at benefiting Bolton school children.

This is CLaSS, a fishing and forestry school, was established recently by ex-Deputy Headteacher Dan Hames, who identified a need to help school children struggling with the confines of a traditional classroom environment. These include children with learning difficulties, behavioural problems or disinterested and disengaged young people. Mr Hames created This is CLaSS (which stands for Challenging Learning and Social Skills), to engage these children in meaningful, outdoor-based educational activities. Activities that allow them to learn, concentrate, and above all else, take pride in their work and their achievements.

Working with Croft Fisheries in Adlington to support this vision, Mr Hames recognised that support would be required to tackle the overgrown plot and prepare it as a viable outdoor classroom space. Having heard about our landscaping social enterprise, LifeScape, Mr Hames contacted us to ask for our support in bringing this educational environment to life. The result was that the LifeScape team, including our Directors Warren Kozera and Warren Ward, and Business Manager, Laura Yardley, donned their work boots to clear and prepare the land. The aim was to create a space that will inspire future generations.

Warren Kozera, Director at Barkers and LifeScape said, ‘Rejuvenating and improving outdoor spaces is what we do best at LifeScape and it’s great to be involved in a project such as this. We employ disadvantaged workers from socially excluded groups, many of whom can relate to the experiences of these children, some having themselves missed or been excluded from school in their younger years.’

As part of the project, the LifeScape team demonstrated their expertise, teaching the children basic grounds maintenance and landscaping skills. They also shared their life stories, explaining how they have overcome the challenges they’ve faced, and advising children on the pathways they took that led to positive outcomes.