The ultimate goal of every business, yet for many, the most challenging to attain.

Barkers specialise in making this goal a reality through its expertise in procurement and commercial operations.

We take a collaborative approach with our clients to ensure cost optimisation is delivered in a manageable and sustainable way.

We use our decades of experience to navigate the many challenges presented by suppliers, client stakeholders, and organisational sensitivities to deliver material reductions in operating costs.

The results have changed the way our clients think about cost, value, and risk.

Our simple but effective approach focuses on five key areas:

  • Creating strategic alignment between business and procurement strategy;
  • Driving greater effectiveness into the tender process;
  • Retaining value in negotiated contracts through effective contract management;
  • Driving value from the supply chain through proactive relationship management, and;
  • Taking a time, risk, cost balanced approach to optimising spend

The results have been profound, with clients experiencing a 400% + return on their investment in our services.

In an ever changing economy and competitive market places, organisations cannot afford to overlook the opportunities which lie in the buy and operate of goods and services.

Working with social enterprise Blackpool Pride of Place to improve profitability.