The most important resource a company has is its people. Strategic interventions, with the goal of delivering growth and efficiency, must have employee buy-in for full potential to be realised.


Getting the workforce on board with new ways of working requires more than just encouragement. They must be engaged, trained, upskilled, and inspired.

As the individual grows and develops, so too does the business.

Barkers develop Procurement and Commercial people, putting together and delivering;

  • Comprehensive subject matter specific training programmes covering all aspects of Procurement, Contract and Supplier Relationship management;
  • Providing ongoing coaching and mentoring, and;
  • Programmes of learning with the objective of influencing strategic thinking


Barkers are an accredited training provider of the Strength Deployment Inventory methodology, and have carried out many successful training programmes endorsed by our client references.

Working with the team at Southway Housing, providing strength development to the executive team.