Risk management: Why neglecting it is one of the riskiest thing you can do

Most people would agree that planning for all eventualities when embarking on a new business venture or major contract award decision is important. Of course, it depends on the nature of the venture or contract. A merger and acquisition, for example, will require a greater degree of risk management than the purchase of a new photocopier.
David Loseby

David Loseby joins the team

Fast-growing procurement and commercial practitioners Barkers has strengthened its team with the appointment of David Loseby.

With an extensive background working with FTSE100 businesses, holding Chief Procurement Officer roles, as well as having a PhD in behavioural sciences, David joins Barkers as a partner, and is set to fuse industry experience with his academic insight.

what is procurement

Procurement: What it is and how it can benefit your business

There comes points in a person’s life where they discover something new and quickly wonder how they ever managed without it. Take, for example, the plastic tabs on the top of juice cartons. After years of struggling to tear an opening into the stubborn, thick material, spilling the liquid, swearing loudly, all before hacking at the corners with scissors or a knife, some bright spark had the idea to just put a tab on the top. And there it was. A way of doing something that was so frustrating for so long, was suddenly effortless.

Punctual payments

Punctual Payments: Why paying suppliers on-time creates more value than you think

Arguably, one of the most frustrating things about acquiring services from any supplier, is arranging for them to be paid. For some businesses, having to remunerate another organisation for services provided is such a bind, they delay payment for as long as is practicably possible before the legal letters start arriving.