Lifescape launches with first employees and first contract

North West-based social enterprise Lifescape is celebrating its launch with its first employees and the winning of a major corporate client.

The business, established by Warren Ward and Warren Kozera, of procurement service Barkers, along with Dominic Munro of GSU Landscapes, employs ex-offenders supporting post-prison rehabilitation, providing grounds maintenance services.

Driving effectiveness within the tender process

A key checkpoint in any company’s journey is the point at which a supplier’s contract terminates and a new tender process can be initiated. It can be an exciting time, perusing through the proposals forwarded by suppliers offering a diverse and innovative array of services, but it’s also a time that demands a high degree of professionalism, care, and guile.

Category Management

An infographic on defining, using and practising a key business function...

Category Management: Defining, using, and practising a key business function

To those unfamiliar with the term, Category Management may well sound like yet another management concept devised by a cabal of faceless business people with too much time on their hands. It could easily be some new management style from the States with a bucket load of associated jargon we have to rote-learn.